Safe Environment

  • We teach children respect for one another and train them in habits of good behavior, while modeling that behavior ourselves. This is an approach that has proven successful in our summer camps and youth groups.
  • Children are monitored in all indoor and outdoor activities.

Affordable Tuition

  • We want any child in our neighborhood to be able to attend, regardless of financial needs.
  • Our school is financed primarily by donations, so tuition is an amount each family can afford. 

Breakfast and Lunch

  • Nutritious breakfasts and lunches will be provided at no cost to parents.
  • Special considerations will be made for those with allergies. 


  • Our students wear uniforms. Uniforms build unity and reduce competition.
  • The uniforms are affordable. Parents of children who wear uniforms also often find that they spend less money on clothing for their children.

Family Participation

  • We provide information on how parents can participate and support their child's education.
  • We ask parents or guardians to sign an agreement outlining the responsibilities of students, teachers and parents.