You’re here to be light, bringing out the God-colors in the world.
— Matthew 5:16

Christ-centered, classical education

Culture of love, joy and trust

· Great LITERATURE that engages the imagination ·

· Strong SCIENCE and MATH curriculum · FINE ARTS program to cultivate beauty, music and art ·

Praise Academy at Lakeside, located in the poorest neighborhood in Louisiana, is an elementary school built on the premise of providing an education that will foster a child’s ability to become a productive, employable and active member of their family and community through a Christian and classical education.  Children in the neighborhood can attend, regardless of their family's financial needs.

We believe children have a natural sense of wonder for God's creation and our curriculum opens the door to new opportunities to experience the glory of God's world.  Come and see what we are building in our corner of the kingdom of God!

God bless you,

Joan Pingel