Vibrant Classical Education

  • We provide our students with a solid foundation in the essentials of elementary education: reading, writing, mathematics, logic, science, social studies, art, music and physical activity.
  • We foster our students' natural curiosity by creating an environment which is life-giving, a place of active learning and discovery.

Christian Learning

  • Our hope is in Jesus Christ our Lord, who loves these children and laid down his life for them. 
  • Our goal is to help the children of Lakeside grow into the full stature of sons and daughters of God.
  • We teach ways of Christian living: right speech, charity, forgiveness and reconciliation. We reinforce these life lessons by our daily interactions. 
  • Our school day includes Morning Prayer and prayer before meals and activities.
  • All grades, starting with pre-k, study the Bible. They memorize Scripture and read bible stories. 

Productive Students, Employable Graduates

  • The habits we teach in our classrooms will transfer over to a student's life at home and beyond.
  • Class sizes are small: no more than 16 students in a class.
  • Children and teachers learn together. 
  • The habits of self-discipline we teach, such as concentration, personal initiative and manners, will assist our students for the rest of their lives, in future learning and employment.